Trane crhr Bearing Assembly Parts
Bearing Assembly

Trane offers a wide range of parts from sound insulation for hermetic compressors to a complete range of overhaul kits designed for screw and reciprocating units. Using this range of spare parts and kits will grant you the best in original quality and design.

102 Trane - Oil pump cover gasket
103 Trane - Oil pump spring
105 Trane - Oil pump
108 Trane - Bearing
109 Trane - Bearing head gasket
110 Trane - Thrust bearing
115 Trane - Charging valve
119 Trane R50/R60 Service valve 2"1/8
119 Trane R35/R40 Service valve
120 Trane R50/R60 Service valve gasket
120 Trane R35/R40 Service valve gasket
121 Trane R35/R40 Relief valve 385 PSI
121 Trane R50/R60 Relief valve 385 PSI

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