CRHE Suction & Solenoid Valve
CRHE Suction & Solenoid Valve

Trane offers a wide range of parts from sound insulation for hermetic compressors to a complete range of overhaul kits designed for screw and reciprocating units. Using this range of spare parts and kits will grant you the best in original quality and design.

2 Trane Solenoid coil 120V 50/60Hz
2 Trane Solenoid coil 220V 50/60Hz
5 Trane 3 way solenoid valve
5 Trane Coil solenoid 110V/50-60Hz
7 Trane Handhole cover gasket
12 Trane O-ring
13 Trane Cover
14 Trane Distributor gasket - electrical cap control
17 Trane Distributor gasket - suction cap control
21 Trane Capacity control assy
31 Trane O-ring
32 Trane Sight glass
* Trane Strainer handle cover

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