CRHE Cylinder liner assembly
CRHE Cylinder liner assembly

Trane offers a wide range of parts from sound insulation for hermetic compressors to a complete range of overhaul kits designed for screw and reciprocating units. Using this range of spare parts and kits will grant you the best in original quality and design.

1 Trane Cylinder liner assy with unloader
7 Trane Unloader piston spring
10 Trane Retaining ring
11 Trane Take up ring
13 Trane Unloader lift pin spring
14 Trane Cylinder liner
16 Trane Suction valve
17 Trane Suction valve spring
18 Trane Suction valve plate
19 Trane Cylinder liner assy
* Trane Cylinder o-ring kit (qty 1 per cylinder)
* Trane O’ring -suction valve plate

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